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Last weekend was jam-packed with activity for all who were down. Friday night at Jacks rolled into the largest crowd we’ve had at the beach bar thus far this summer. Joyce hosted a phenomenal sunset dinner on her deck (thanks Joy!) and although some made it to the bars that night, ESK laid his head and accidentally got 12 hours of sleep. Back at it Sunday with crew Dunhour and a packed reggae crowd at beach bar again. Sunday night was Ali’s welcome home dinner (thanks Aunt Gay, it was delicious!) and Quizzo with the Haven crew at Rockin’ Chair. With Monday off, ESK joined cuz Ali and the “full-time” crew in Longport for a long day of high-tide boating (thanks Kate and Mrs. Frick!)

The function of this blog is to allow friends to maximize summer fun by scheduling activity around Mother Nature and King Neptune* while leaving room for the spontonaity that creates memories for a lifetime. Last weekend our plan (or non-plan?) was excuted perfectly, so what can we expect for this weekend? 

  Sunrise Forecast High UVI Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 6:04 Partly cloudy 88 9 5:39pm 11:06am West  10mph 1.0 foot 8:05
Saturday 6:05 Sunny 81 9 6:36pm 12:08pm East 7mph 1.5 foot 8:04
Sunday 6:06 Sunny 81 9 7:30pm 1:06pm East 9mph 2.0 foot 8:03


The noon low tide on Saturday could only mean one thing: KEITH HELWIG’S BIRTHDAY BASH SANDBAR PARTY!!! Come one, come all, swim, kayak, and boat to the sandbar across from the AYC to help celebrate Keiths 39th year (one more til the big 4-0!). With a wedding looming two weeks away (yikes!) we all need to make this last “single-but-happily-engaged-to-the-beautiful-Liza” birthday bash one for the record books. Liza, please post instructions on timing, dress, food n drink, etc.  in comments…

I don’t know if anyone has checked the Tropical activity in the Atlantic recently but ther are red flags going up everywhere over this “Hurricane Dave.” Forecasts call or him to touchdown on the East Coast at 10:25pm tonight where ESK will greet him at the airport and the two will blow into 7mi in time for last call at Jacks.

Rumor is Downtown Steve Brown is also making his second appearance of the summer (first since Memorial Day). Welcome back faux-cuz.

Second episode of Jersey Shore tonight. So whoever can’t make it down this weekend, watch that to get some of that good ‘ol shore feeling.  

*King Neptune, from Roman Mythology, is the god of water and the sea. In the last scene of The Endless Summer flimmaker and ESK inspiration Bruce Brown writes, “Special thanks to Old King Neptune for providing the waves in this film.” ALSO: For a time Neptune was paired with Salacia, the goddess of the salt water.” On that note I have decided what to name my first daughter.

Sun setting on July at the Beach Bar and rising on August (sliver through the clouds) at 39th street beach:


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13 responses to “Weekend of August 7th 2010

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  1. Looking forward to a birthday bash! Keep us posted lize.
    Over cast here today and muggy. Yet ali and I are off to the beach with a fresh bash of junk mags. Yummy. Then a bike, sail, and dinner tonight by aunt gay. Dear summer, stay frozen in time.
    See you soon ESK.

  2. I’m a fan of the sandbar party. Not surprisingly, I have a prior commitment with the Club until 1 pm, but I’m game after that.

    P.S. – Best part of Jersey Shore Vol. 2, Episode 1: The car ride to the bar. Girls be crazy.

  3. Don’t mind me, as I attempt to adjust to my upcoming name change….Speaking of names, it is true that Keith “midnight is my middle name” Helwig will be turning 39…uh, I mean 28…tomorrow. This only means one thing: brews, boats and “beaching it” at the sandbar. We are thinking of gathering around noon since it is low tide. Hoagies (check), cooler of beverages (check), bathing suit (optional), Keith wearing the coconut shell bikini like he did for his bday bash last year (definitely). Only thing to figure out is transportation. Sounds like some will boat, some will swim and some may even walk on water. I know it’s been done before. We will figure out who is taking boats and where/when they are departing and get back to you on that so stay tuned….

    Liza "soon to be Mrs. Helwig" Lowell
  4. This weekend is shaping up to be E-P-I-C!
    Let me add some more to the pot:

    1) My niece Ashley is touching down in Avalon tomorrow evening sans her family…this 9-year old Miamian is going to raise hell! Under the watchful eye of her Tia Joyce, that is.

    2) Rumor has it that the Palmer clan will be fully represented on the island this weekend as well…

    happy birthday, keith!

  5. PS-interesting you were on the beach at 6 am getting that shot…. don’t think it’s from the deck unless your phone also has amazing zoom.
    Looking forward to seeing all soon.

    ESK's cooler sister
  6. AHH another weekend is upon us! Count me in for the 39th birthday bash and all that it includes. I think we need to ensure Ashley’s attendance because she’s got dance moves like none of us have ever seen.

  7. Just to follow up on that hurricane warning ESK mentioned. THe hurricane is currently 180000 feet above middle america. It hit Salt Lake City PREE tee hard. this past week. Let’s just say Brigham Young isn’t the most famous gent “that God spoke with” to grace that town with his presence.

    I am hoping for ESK to show up in an old school caddie limo and bring us down in style. I have a family beach photo on Sat for my gma’s 75th- anyone have a seersucker suit they dont plan on wearing this weekend? The smaller the better.

    See you soon. Especially you Tia Joyce. This is america, speak english god dammit!

    Ashley is really cute though- make sure you keep the ESK away from her….

  8. I have missed the last two episodes of Jersey Shore. Someone has got to alert the General Manager to upgrade this hotels cable package.

    All is not lost, as long as Tom and I can watch ‘Charlie St. Cloud’ alone together on the 96th St theater, ala 2001’s ‘Summer Catch’, all will be right in the world. While watching Zac Effron in last summers sleeper hit ’17 Again’, I really think that the 4th scene was a turning point. You saw Effron take what was simple dialogue and create a river of emotion.

  9. After a very long, smelly, mosquito infested 16 days in Delhi, India, I plan to make my triumphant return to AV for Keith’s 39th (joke could last forever). All of the planning sounds like it’s on point with the exception of tunes. Who’s in charge and how loud do they get? I’ve never met this nine year old dance phenom from Miami but she sounds like she’s coming after my title (see Nick Svencer video of our boat last year). Should I be concerned?

    God Bless America

    Brendan "yes I'm alive" Clifford
  10. ESK still not up…Hurricane Dave must be in town after all. Can’t wait to hear about the night.
    Great beach day. See all soon.

    ESK's cooler sister
  11. Truth – Hurrican Dave was in town last night. He and ESK made a fantistically appreciated appearance at the Princeton to join myself, my dad, Davis, and Megan in an amazing, napkins-thrown-in-the-air, dance party through the night. I unfortunately have returned to (cough, cough) the city for the rest of the weekend, as Jeff and I have wedding activities to partake in. We are very disappointed to be missing Keith’s birthday, but hopefully we can make his 40th next year. Last year’s Twisties day will be hard to beat, but it sounds like this one may top it. Happy birthday Keith! In the words of ESK’s younger sibling, Theodorable – “MAKE GOOD CHOICES”

    PS – Joyce, we are 1 weekend off! I have my almost-8-year-old goddaughter down with me next weekend. She has some pretty good dance moves herself… her favorite being “Shake Shake… Shake your booty” while singing those exact lyrics, a Liz Lee favorite.

    Have a great weekend all!! Great to see you on the beach today ESK, Sage, and Ali!

  12. Some one pick me up at the Yacht Club. Please. Seriously.

  13. Thanks everyone for making my 39th b-day one to remember. We need to start planning my big 4-0 for next year!! And, no, I did not make it to midnight, but I have an excuse! The future Mrs. Helwig decided to try and learn how to ride her bike with no hands on the way back from the Golden Inn…and let’s just say it did not end well, so I had to nurse my bride to be back to health. Just a few bumps and bruises but the bride will be all ready to go for the big day in 2 weeks!!

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