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 Twisty’s is back, so is Jo and her family, Keith dunkaroo’s for his b-day as I serenade him with the worst performance of Southern Cross ever. ESK with your summer news for the week…

Apparently were haven’t pissed Twistys off enough to the point where they won’t allow boaters anymore. On a quick trip to the Deauville last weekend we noticed Twisty’s has a brand new set of floating docks, 5 slips for a-hole boaters like us to tie-up and have enough fun to piss off waitresses. Actually they don’t have outdoor waitress service after 4pm OR allow you to bring your food outside. But you can run in to grab a pitcher to bring outside. Also the interior is larger but still has that familiar “cave” feeling, same juke box, and same cocconut heads lining the ceiling. Lets twist again like we did last summer.

The blazing sun continues to blaze this weekend (don’t get burnt*) but the temperatures stay in the low 80’s:

  Sunrise Forecast High UVI Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 6:10 Scattered T-storms 78 7 11:24am 5:41pm East  16mph 4.0 foot choppy 7:57
Saturday 6:11 Partly cloudy 80 8 12:18pm 6:39pm East 13mph 3.5 foot choppy 7:56
Sunday 6:12 Partly cloudy 81 9 1:15pm 7:41pm SE   10mph 4.5 foot choppy 7:54


Welcome back Jo, Tim, and Sam. ESK’s two-cents: Jo makes bi-summer trips an annual event.

Hurricane Dave left a path of destruction last weekend that incuded employing ESK to deliver 7 Mile Times to both Acme’s at 7am on Friday (and here I thought I took the day off). Its a forgivable offense though, he paid me in Unce Bills pancakes and gave me a story to tell for years. Only if I could find some way to get him to cease and desist the Nekked Tom story… Something tells me Hurricane season isn’t over yet.

Keiths sandbar b-day bash went off flawlessly, getting ample time on the sandbar and easily transitioning to the Golden Inn beach bar. Shotguns, dunkaroos, and terrible singing we all involved. As was the brilliant decision of the bride-to-be to appempt to learn how to ride a bicycle with no hands on the way home. Remind us again how that worked out Liza?

Palmer, Packy, and Downtown Steve Brown all made strong appearances last weekend, THE BOYS ARE BACK!

Erica is testing motherhood with her god-daughter Brynn this weekend. Adele is down with a group of her bestest girls. ESK will be in AC Saturday night for Todd Tiberi’s and Chris O’Brien’s bachelor parties (separate events).

Can’t wait to hang out wth my white friends this weekend! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SddXgXMzoo4

Waves and Babes, ESK


Lets twist again, like we did last summer.

Dick slappin's my game

Dunkaroo aftermath: "Aw honey, you're all wet!"

*So use sunscreen to prevent skin aging and carcinoma but possibly increase chances of terminal cancer? The ultimate damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation:

Sunburn is caused by UV radiation, it is a reaction of the body to the direct DNA damage which can result from the excitation of DNA by UV-B light. The damage is recognized by the body, which then triggers several defense mechanisms, including DNA repair to revert the damage and increased melanin production to prevent future damage. Melanin transforms UV-photons quickly into harmless amounts of heat without generating free radicals, and is therefore an excellent photoprotectant against direct and indirect DNA damage.

A sunscreen rated as SPF 10 blocks 90% of the sunburn-causing UVB radiation; an SPF20 rated sunscreen blocks 95%. Topically applied sunscreen blocks UV rays as long as it does not penetrate into the skin. This prevents sunburn, suntanning, and skin cancer. The use of sunscreen is known to prevent the direct DNA damage that causes sunburn and the two most common forms of skin cancer, basal-cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. However, if sunscreen penetrates into the skin, it promotes indirect DNA damage, which causes the most lethal form of skin cancer, malignant melanoma. This form of skin cancer is rare, but it causes 75% of all skin cancer-related deaths. Increased risk of malignant melanoma in sunscreen users has been the subject of many epidemiological studies.

See everyone on the beach this weekend!


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8 responses to “Weekend of August 14th

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  1. I don’t know if I would call it “testing motherhood.” I still have quite some time before that will be coming to fruition. However, I am looking forward to hanging with my white friends as well. Great Phils game last night ESK!

  2. I will actually be in Avalon this weekend!!!!! Jo, Joyce, TOm and anyone else who wants to see my brand new pink wakeboard, let’s make it happen saturday! Joanna, i’ll be holding your baby the rest of the 48 hours of the weekend. fair warning.

  3. Unfortunately, I won’t be down this weekend. Instead, I’ll be gearing up for the big day. I will also be resting my ribs which seem to have suffered minor trauma due to feelings of invincibility (led on by a few beach bar cocktails). Note to self (and all other competitive spirits out there): handlebars were invented for a reason. I wish someone had told me that before I attempted to play circus clown and ride with no hands. Yeah for drunken biking!

    Liza "soon to be Mrs. Helwig" Lowell
  4. I really missed a monumental weekend last weekend, wish I could have been there. Instead I was on the Hudson kayaking – just not as fun as the Atlantic Ocean, or as pretty, probably just as dirty though. This weekend I am in PA headed to the Paul McCartney concert, actually home tonight to celebrate my sister’s completion of the medical boards! Hopefully I can make it down for Borek with Mike if someone can find us a bed. Enjoy the weekend!

  5. I vote wakeboarding on the way to Twisties on Saturday afternoon. I also vote that the Naked Tom story never be retired. I think the best was Dave telling the story around the dinner table on 39th to Penni and Sister Sue. Not sure who was more shocked…

  6. Post bachelor party Sunday activites in Avalonia. Esk, if you have the power, please don’t let the summer end.

  7. I’m heading up to Paradise Valley, PA for a wedding this weekend (my kiwi friend moved 9000 miles to marry his American girlfriend . . . sounds like the beginning of a great sitcom). I’m down all of next week and next weekend: Wing Night & Beef And/Or Beer, who’s comin’ with?

  8. Tom, my mom just called both Acme’s are out of 7 mile times. The keys are in the truck, along with a 5 spot for those silver dollar pancakes. Just don’t leave the waitress a 20 cause she ‘smiled that smile’ at you.

    Seriously though thanks for the airport pickup and helping out Friday morning. Just goes to show you, never know what you are waking up to in the Coskey house.

    For the record the Naked Tom story will never be retired. And for those interested, I have a new Tom story- that while I don’t wanna get expectations up- might be better than a 22 yr old dropping his clothes and renacting a scene from Lord of the Flies in a strangers backyard. I did a trial run of it for the Polsenbergs last weekend, and it went over like a fart in a hot car. I’m keeping this one to myself, or to anyone who might approach asking about it on the Island.

    Ali stay away from that Matty Ford. He’s baddddd news.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

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