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ESK alive and well. I know there is a way for me to update wordpress via android device but honestly having way too much fun in Maine to figure out how. Ill make it up to the masses with a double posting next week, but for now we revert to the old style reporting, all social, no weather…

7 mile island is hopping this weekend with Brendan Borek memorial activity, Tour de Shore, and a Don McCloskey show at the Chair, all on Saturday. Party people choose your activities wisely…

For those of us unable to make it to the promised land this weekend, we have the honor of being in the presence of true love at the Helwig/Lowell wedding Saturday in Freeport, Maine. The reason for the delayed blog post is because we drove up here Wednesday night and I am without computer, foot loose and fancy free at the Lowell’s beautiful lake house on Great Pond in Maine. I’d like to point out two things: First, this is the first summer weekend I will not touch down in Avalon town in three years. Second, ESK has discovered that surprisingly an incredible amount of fun can be had OUTSIDE the 7 mile island on weekends! Who knew! Of course it helps that we are in a beautiful house on a lake with sailboats, a powerboat, kayaks, paddleboards, and a canoe. But for ESK this has been an eye-opening experience. Pictures attached are 1. ESK being ESK, 2. Brendan and Nate fishing at sunset, 3. Dinner at the lake house. Not pictured: Josh Wertheimer, big ups for making the drive up here solo just in time for a moon lit boat cruise.

Wakes and lakes, ESK

“Summer is a state of mind, not a frame of time”


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