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ESK had  a new summer experience last weekend and is still, as Josh would say, “in a state of Maine.” Every waking second was a new discovery for this South Jersey beach kid on how our Northern counterparts are living. Simply put; in Maine, summer living is good. Thank you so much Helwigs and Lowells for what has been widely described as the best wedding ever. Thank you Lowell family for bringing us into your home and your summer style of life on the lake. Endless summers do exist in Maine.

Back to the saltwater…lets take a look at the forecast for this weekend:     

  Sunrise Forecast High UVI Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 6:23 Sunny 78 8 10:26am 4:42pm NNW  9mph 2.0 foot clean 7:37
Saturday 6:24 Sunny 81 8 10:58am 5:19pm NNW  7mph 3.0 foot clean 7:36
Sunday 6:25 Sunny 87 8 11:33am 6:00pm NW   5mph 4.0 foot clean 7:34


Hurricane Danielle is raging in the Atlantic. No this isn’t some freak offspring of Dave and Anne, or a reference to Erica’s friend with the pretty eyes. It’s an actual hurricane people:

 Danielle should kick some swell our way, coupled with the forecasted offshore wind, chances are we can catch some good surf.

Additionally we have a 95% full moon rise at 8:37pm Friday night and 91% full moon rise at 9:04pm on Saturday.

Cousin Ali spends her last night in Avalon this Friday before going back to complete her final year at James Madison. She will be back for Labor Day weekend, but Ali…WUDDER WE DOIN FRIDAY??? 

Whoever was a part of the Borek / Tour De Shore weekend on 7mi, please post comments on what we missed.

Palmer and I still managed to do our annual Borek “count down until open bar closes” via text. Me in Maine, he in ???.

Josh, see you at Thanksgiving.


Update: Hurricane Dave is coming East, but staying in Philly

Waves and Babes, ESK


Wedding pics and a full weekend of Maine-gasms below: 

True love at an altar made of driftwood


The best men: Brendan and Nate. One is pissing, the other is fishing, can you tell which?


Lobstah Dinah on Great Pond

Monkey on a string


Nate with three Lowells, or three Leonards?



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7 responses to “Weekend of August 28th

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  1. After experiencing so many Maine-gasms last week/weekend, I’ve been trying to think of the Avalon equivalent. Ava-gasms anyone?

  2. Congrats again Keith and Liza!! Glad to hear this weekend was such a blast for all.
    Tour de Shore was epic and I think we were the only team who biked the entire thing. The winning team was the “Duckboat Survivors” (too soon?) Sister Sue is currently decked out in a “sex on the beach” costume made from the remnants of my outfit Sunday. I don’t think Granny B really gets it…
    The island has cleared out like WHOA this week so I guess it really is almost September. Jacks Friday then…?

  3. unless nate’s urinating from his belly button, i’d have to say that Brendan is the one wizzing. I’ll be in AV this weekend with a few pennsylvanians in tow. Wakeboarding saturday/sunday morning anyone?

  4. Psyched to be on the ESK blog list…well actually my sister forwarded it to me so apparently I’m not technically on the list but close enough…what a great weekend it was and, as I sit on the lake watching the sun go down, I think to myself…oh oh wait…yep just had a mainegasm…anyways lost my train of thought (it was that good) but looking forward to more times with the whole avalon crew in the future! Best Regards, the self proclaimed B.L.B (Belgrade Lakes Boy)

  5. B.L.B….perf.
    Now start that wkend update blog.
    Looking forward to having you back to avalon.
    After Sarah’s episode last year and Liza’s crash this year…Pete, you might be the only one who can beat Ava.

    ESK's cooler sister
  6. Game on Rage. I’ve got new wheels and am ready to go… just keep an eye out for that little orange flag.

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