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Bottom of the 9th, down to our last out. For a lot of people this is the end of the game, but ESK knows this thing is going into extra innings…

First celebrated in New York City on September 5, 1882: Labor Day is recognized by most Americans, but not ESK, as the symbolic end of the summer. The holiday is often regarded as a weekend of rest and parties (and weddings and hurricanes).


  Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 6:30 Heavy Rain 82 6 4:10pm 9:48am NNW   25mph 5.0 foot choppy 7:27
Saturday 6:30 Sunny 77 8 5:15pm 10:48am West  20mph 3.0 foot   clean 7:25
Sunday 6:31 Sunny 75 8 6:14pm 11:52am West   10mph 3.0 foot   clean 7:24
Monday 6:32 Sunny 84 8 7:09pm 12:52pm Southwest 7mph 1.5 foot choppy 7:22


Last weekend my body soaked up all the salt it had lost to the freshwater lakes of Maine. Friday night was a full moon hightide soak.  Saturday was a full day of beach for the Endless Summer Kids: Brendan and Joyce posted up at 9:30am, Brendan didn’t leave until 7:30pm. The Chunk-birthday-party-crew came down at 6:30pm with two kayaks, two surfboards, and two thirty packs. The last of us left well after the 9:04pm moon-rise.

Thank you Dunhour family for another epic dinner on the deck Sunday. Is the Heiny kicked yet?

What will the kids get into this weekend?  

Congratulations to Chris O’brien and Anna Weale for recognizing their souls’ counterpart in each other and deciding to tie the knot this Saturday in Philadelphia! While their choice of  life partners is inpeccable, their choice of a wedding date is subpar. SURF TIME!

Speaking of surf, Hurricane Earl (LOVE YOU GRANDDAD!) is skipping its way up the coast:



Friday will have the largest swell with some reports calling for 8-foot waves, but extremely windy conditions. It could clean up late Friday, but the out-going tide will not help conditions. Saturday morning swell will diminish to 3 feet, maybe some 4 foot sets, but still windy with a lot of current pulling South. I’ll be at 14th street on 6:30am Saturday to catch the last of the Earl swell…THEN 4th street in Old City at 2:30pm to catch the last few minutes of a single Chris O’Brien.

Interesting satire on beach taggers in Avalon emailed to me twice this week. Thanks Joyce: http://blogs.phillymag.com/the_philly_post/2010/08/31/vacation-in-avalon-think-twice/

Sunday hightide sunset boatride anyone???

Sound off in comments: WHO’S AROUND and WHAT DID I MISS?

Salty and sweet, ESK


 Long lost picture from my days as a pirate of the Carribbean; black-fin tuna off the coast of St. Kitts:  




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6 responses to “Weekend of September 4th

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  1. 8 Foot, guess I’ll be sticking with the body board….

  2. I call a spot on Sunday’s boat ride!!! Just got down after a miserable 5 hour drive from VA and enjoyed watching the temp gauge on my car go from 101 in Harrisonburg to 78 in Avalon, ooooh yeeeeah. Earl seems to be calming down a bit, I suppose he enjoyed cocktail hour this afternoon…
    Anyone around for Jacks tonight??
    On a sidenote-my tagger friends were oh-so-proud at the publication of that article. I think we need to put them in their place and tell them to chill on the taggage, no?

  3. I am really proud of all who made it to Circle Tav’s dance party this past Saturday. Everyone represented, and Brendan almost broke his nose.

  4. I won’t be making it down 😦 Headed to Boston for a wedding on the water…Earl tame yourself. I will be in Avalon from Sept 11th to the 18th though! Have a great weekend!

  5. P.S. I was born on Labor Day…for reals.

  6. An epic weekend to close out the conventional 2010 summer. Cobra’s wedding, 75mph wheelies, cake fights, croquet tourneys, and falling asleep in my backyard Sunday night. Think I might make a late Sept/early Oct trip back to the AV. September might be Avalon’s best month….

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