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Nine years ago, as terrorists were carrying out attacks all over the United States, Hurricane Erin was churning in the Atlantic. Erin was the first hurricane of the 2001 season, her winds strengthened to hurricane force on September 9 while moving northwestward off the coast of Bermuda. Erin quickly intensified and reached peak winds of 120 mph.  Large swells from the hurricane produced rough surf and rip currents along the East Coast of the United States.

Meanwhile at home in PA, sick from absorbing as much of the attacks as possible on t.v.  Ted and I decided to do the only thing possible to clear our heads at that moment: Go to Avalon and go surfing. The swell that day was incredible; overhead and clean. After surfing for two hours on 20th street, we grabbed longboards and had the long lefts off the south side of the pier all to ourselves. As the sun began to touch the roofs of the houses ashore, Erin threw one last wave my way. Caught on 32nd street, it fizzled out and reformed on two separate sandbars finally depositing me in the shore break on 37th street. The longest ride of my life, I now have two memories I will never forget from that day.

A trough weakened Erin and turned her to the northeast. After passing just east of Cape Race, Newfoundland it became extratropical on September 15. Throughout its path, Erin caused no casualties, no injuries, and minor damage.

The contrast between National tragedy and personal triumph give me mixed emotions of that day. Nine years later I take comfort in knowing not much will stop America or our endless summer way of life.

UPDATE: Reviving Ground Zero http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2010/09/10/nyregion/2010-wtc.html

 The path of Hurricane Erin, September 9th, 2001 to September 15th, 2001: 



Saturday this weekend should be beautiful:

  Sunrise Forecast High UVI Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 6:36 Mostly Sunny 74 7 10:08am 4:29pm Northwest 14mph 1.5 foot clean 7:16
Saturday 6:36 Sunny 77 7 10:58am 5:24pm North  7mph 1.0 foot choppy 7:14
Sunday 6:38 T-showers 75 5 11:50am 6:20pm SSW   11mph 1.0 foot choppy 7:12


Not much in the way of organized tropical activity this weekend:


Friday is the Tenth Annual Jack’s Drink-Us-Dry Party where anything and everythiong is $2.75. Rumor is this may also be the last time anyone gets the chance for time-honored Jacks experience. Formerly know as the Black Eagle or simply the “Dirty Bird,” word on the street is they may be closing their doors for good this offseason, making way for condos. Earl “Granddad” Holston used to call the place his local watering hole, we will be toasting in his honor all night.

Last weekend also for those crazy kids on 40th street, its been a good run: From Memorial Day to Beer Olympics to the sledge hammer party they are having this weekend final weekend, lots of memories, pictures, and stories to last a lifetime!

Happy belated birthday to my Mommy! She enjoyed her morning with a ride on the Red Barron with a surprise brunch after. A good son would never reveal his beautiful mothers’ age, his sister however lovingly spelled it out in driftwood (pics below).

Welcome back from Croatia Mr. and Mrs. Helwig.

BIRDS SEASON AND HOME OPENER SUNDAY. Eagles – Packers 4:15pm at the Linc, GO BIRDS!!!

 Roll call, who’s around?!?

 Empty Beaches Summer Peaches, ESK





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  1. Joy and I are on our way come Sat.!

    ESK's cooler sister
  2. I will be down Saturday with the family. Looking forward to it!

  3. Leaving VA by 5 today and will be ready and rested for Drink-Us-Dry tomorrow night!

  4. I’ll be there early friday afternoon. Go Iggles!

  5. I will be on the east coast, sadly though it wont be on the island. Headed to Boston for the Life is good Music Fest- Ben Harper and friends will be playing along with 27 other bands, please let me know if anyone is in that area this weekend. Great party for a great cause…

    As an aside, I know how important phyiscal fitness is to everyone on this blog. And as a bday gift to the young lady who brought the world’s most famous Naked Tom into this world, I wanted to share this excercise video with you. Its great for people on vacation who don’t have much time to head to the gym….If you have two minutes please take a look- you WILL NOT be disappointed…


  6. Unfortunately we will not be heading down this weekend 😦 Heading to a G. Love concert in Philly Friday night then off to the Linc for the Eagles home opener! Have fun this weekend and leave before you drink Jack’s dry! See you all next weekend!?

  7. Can someone please cue Coskey (the middle one) to fill us in on the future of Jacks??

  8. Didn’t know “We” meant “Michael and I”?

    Dear michael,

    What happened to your Balls?


    Ps. Where ya Balls?

  9. Ooooooooooops.

  10. The Mrs and I are out for this weekend. Still recovering from wedding and honeymoon…next weekend is a definite, however. See ya’ll there.

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