Weekend of October 2nd   4 comments

As depressing as these set setting times are, they continue to paint the westward sky in brilliance whether we are watching or not… 


There should be some good waves Saturday morning:

  Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday  6:55am AM clouds   PM sun  73  6  2:34pm  8:10am NNW  18mph 6.0 foot      choppy 6:42pm
Saturday  6:56am Mostly  Sunny  69  6  3:46pm  9:23am North  8mph 4.0 foot     clean 6:40pm
Sunday  6:57am Partly  Cloudy  64  6  4:52pm  10:34am NNE   12mph 3.0 foot      slight chop 6:39pm


Packy’s party was a hit and fortunately we raised enough money to post bail, Sophie is out of jail and doing fine. In celebration we dominated the dance floor at th P. So much fun in fact, we went back the next morning for Bloodys and Mexican train(pic).

 Hurricane Dave left a path of destruction Friday and Saturday night at the P. Neptune* only knows whats going to happen when there is a hurricane on the right coast every weekend. *Neptue is ESK’s God King of the Sea; Ref. Weekend of August 7th.

Saturday we made our last breakfast run to Sunset Pier and rum run to Twistys(pic), on a day that seemed more like mid-July than late September. The following day was rainy and cold as I docked the boat on the trailer and Big Tom hauled it out for the winter. Bye bye Zoomie Boat II Lucky Penny, you’ve been good to us this season.

Betsy is down this weekend with 12 islanders of a different kind. Palau, welcome to Avalon.

Joyce is down with a family affair of sister and new niece.

Eagles -vs- Redskins 4:00pm Sunday


Modes and Bottles, ESK


Friday sunset near the Autumnal Equinox, by Beesleys Point Generation Station*. I’m so Jersey.

The final rum run to Twistys of the 2010 season:

Look Ma, no hands:


Endless Summer Family:

High Harvest Moon through Mimosa tree on 63rd street:

Mexican train and Bloody Mary, Sundays at the P…

*Beesley’s Point Generating Station, also called the B.L. England Generating Station, is a power plant in Upper Township, Cape May County, New Jersey, on the Great Egg Harbor River. Right next to the motherfuckin Tuckahoe Inn. The facility provides approximately 450 megawatts of generating capacity from three generating units. Two units burn coal (and up to 7% used tires) and the third unit burns bunker C oil. Its large smokestack, altered to resemble a lighthouse, contains a sulfur dioxide scrubber which removes the SO2 from the flue gas and converts it into gypsum, which can be sold. The scrubber allows the two coal units to use less expensive high sulfur coal from West Virginia.

The plant is visible from the Great Egg Harbor Bridge on the Garden State Parkway, and many confuse it with the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station because of its hyperbolic cooling tower, which is used so that hot water is not put into the bay, harming organisms.


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  1. I will be down tonight with the first two palau friends. then 7 more roll in tomorrow! I will be taking them to the beach all day saturday for some (slightly) cooler air temp beach games, then to the princeton later for what’s sure to be an amazing dance party. Please help me teach this gang why avalon is the best of all beaches. ALso, none of them are actually from palau. two are from jersey, so they’ve actually been to avalon a bunch of times.

  2. Sweet shot of the Beasley Pt Generating Station, Tom. Some of the best waterskiing in SJ right around there — puts the Horseshoe to shame (sorry Avaloners). You know you are truly “Jersey” when the backdrop for a beautiful afternoon of waterskiing is a power plant…

  3. Well put, Dave.

    Bets, we will throw down at the P. I will need some good dance partyin’ after a day with my extended family (love ’em all…).

    PS – did you hear that the Japanese version of MTV’s Jersey Shore has translated the title to: “Jersey Shore: The New Jersey Life of Macaroni Rascals”.


  4. Me, Elise and Frick-nasty will be raging in Manayunk this weekend as we celebrate Matt Pauls birthday with riverpalooza Saturday…we will be back next weekend in full force.

    Ali..tell the P that i love it and I’m sorry that I am missing another beautiful weekend on the 7mile.


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