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We are past the halfway point, the Winter Solstice came and went December 21st and we are coming down the mountain of dark nights and cold wind.

Cheers to a happy and healthy New Year which, weather wise, should be pretty mild on the 7 Mile Island…

  Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 7:18am Partly cloudy  43  2  4:56pm 11:04am SSW  7mph 1.0 foot      slight chop 4:46pm
Saturday 7:18am Mostly cloudy  46  1 5:53pm 12:00pm South  8mph 1.5 foot      choppy 4:47pm
Sunday 7:18am Showers  45  1 6:45pm  12:52pm NW   8mph 2.0 foot      choppy 4:48pm


Congratulations goes out to Cousin Jenny and Dave for the addition of baby Shane Nov. 24th at 8 lbs 6 oz and  22 inches.

Congrats also go out to Hurricane Dave and Anne who after months of speculation are officially engaged as of this holiday season. Whats even more amazing is they brought 12 inches of hurricane snow with them all the way from San Diego.  

I hope everyone can find their way to join us in Avalon to ring in another New Year. This will be ESK’s 10th consecutive year poppin bottles on the 7mi, no other place I’d rather be to get a fresh start on 2011. ITS GOING TO BE A GOOD YEAR!!! Tentative dinner menu is veggie lasagna with a pot of meatballs on the side. Please bring whatever food or drink you wish to contribute. Gentlemen in ties and ladies come best dressed, travel safe and see you soon!

Since you’ve been gone…

Where did everyone go???


Thanksgiving Great American Turkey Fry on 39th street


Sunrise at 7:52am on December 14th, it's 20 degrees out.


Seriously, 20 degrees.


A frozen 8th street jetty


Just saying...


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6 responses to “Holiday 2010

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  1. Will miss everyone this NYE! Jeff and I are in Florida with his family this year. See you in Puerto Rico ESK!

  2. How about that Hurricane Blizzard? I really know how to bring the storms…

    My fianceee and I (that already feels weird) will be in Cali for the New Year. But fear not Endless Summer Kids- we are moving to Boston in Feb…and the isle is only a 45 min flight from Beantown. So expect a summer of hurricane type weekends ahead.

    Enjoy the weekend, be safe, and have a piece of that fantastic (veggie??really) lasagna for me.


  3. That weather sreams for a bike ride. See everyone soon. PS Driving from NYC if you need a ride.

    ESK's cooler sister
  4. Heading down tonight…
    Will be mixing up some martinis tonight and for NYE. Watch out.

  5. Poppin’ (champagne) bottles in the ice, like a blizzard.
    When we drink we do it right, gettin’ slizzard.

    More Kevin in 2011
  6. Happy New Year from your old boring friends the McGonigles who will probably be in bed before midnight! Have one for us!

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