Weekend of June 11th   3 comments

This should be our first weekend with some summer thunderstorms. While we all love our sun, I know everybody has their favorite spot to watch the thunder roll on the Seven Mile Island, sound off in comments. Still no surf but the late high tide may bring the rum runners out making that inaugural trip to Twistys or sunset booze cruise (weather permitting):

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 5:33 Scattered T-storms 40% 87 9 4:13pm 9:50am NNE 8mph 1.0 foot choppy 8:24
Saturday 5:32 Scattered T-storms 50% 75 7 5:13pm 10:47am East 12mph 1.5 foot   choppy 8:25
Sunday 5:32 Scattered T-storms 60% 82 7 6:10pm 11:44am South 7mph 2.0 foot choppy 8:25
Monday 5:32 partly cloudy 75 9 7:05pm 12:40pm NNW 11mph 1.5 foot semi-clean 8:26

The moon will be a waxing gibbous with a late afternoon rise and between 59% full Friday and 80% full on Sunday.

Half-priced Drinks at Jacks Friday night, No Cover isn’t just the DJ it was also true at the door last week. Great place to pre-game.

Late morning low tide means early bocce games and hours of glass hunting entertainment for Ted.

Has anyone been wakeboarding yet?

Rain day drinking at the new (and improved?) Freds Tavern? For the duel 4pm start of Phils and Union?


The White Panda – Infinite Daydream: http://hypem.com/#!/search/white%20panda%20infinite%20dream/1/

He’s also verbal confirm in attendance…who else is down and around in Avalon town?


Friday -vs- Cubs 7:05pm

Saturday -vs- Cubs 4:10pm

Sunday -vs- Cubs 1:35pm


Saturday -vs- Real Salt Lake 4:00pm

Three crazy kids and the Tonka truck

The Real Enchilada Dichotomy: The best BYO with the worst food

Coozies and floozies, ESK                     …pray for surf


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3 responses to “Weekend of June 11th

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  1. I think we all enjoy a great thunderstorm.

  2. While I love a t-storm, I will be displeased with ANYTHING other than SUN. I’m A-RON/ELDER white right now. Let’s make that Twisty’s run happen

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