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We are in the thick of it now, summer firing on all cylinders: get down, lather up, lay out, drink up! Boats are  in the water, school is out! Brendan spin those records while I kick a little weather at the crew:

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 5:34 Scattered T-storms 40% 86 9 3:48pm 9:23am SSW 15mph 2.0 foot choppy 8:29
Saturday 5:34 Partly cloudy 83 9 4:39pm 10:09am West 11mph 1.5 foot   clean 8:29
Sunday 5:34 Mostly sunny 81 9 5:28pm 10:55am West 10mph 0.5 foot   clean 8:29
Monday 5:35 Mostly cloudy 80 7 6:15pm 11:42am ESE 7mph 1.5 foot  semi-clean 8:29

The moon will be a waning cresent rising at 12:52am 46% full Friday night and 1:50am 28% full on Sunday night.

Jo and 18 month old Sam-Bro are in town this weekend, HAPPY!!! She is also carrying with her a bun in the oven (#2), no doubt another Endless Summer Kid!

Sarah Lowell is showing her face around town again this weekend. I believe she is 0 for 2 on successful trips to the 7mi? Maybe now that she is bringing her “special friend” the tides will start to turn in her favor? Welcome to Avalon Seeth (wait no double “e”? Weird).

Mike and Erin getting Married? Congrats to Mr. Mormile and Ms. Carr (soon to be Mrs. Mormile!) I’ll be there Saturday to witness the wedding bliss! (Editors note: ESK got married once, her name is Avalon and each morning I wake up with her is the best day of my life).

Early season blue claw crabs for lunch yesterday, dinner tonight, and again on Sunday. Thanks for letting us steal from your traps Polsenbergs:)

Friday afternoon Twistys run with a full boat on the Leonard vessel. As Cosk would say “Life is Good”

PHILS  are home this weekend -vs- the A’s 7:05pm Friday and Saturday 1:05pm Sunday.

Softball at 9:30am again on Sunday, after a Saturday night wedding in Phoenixville, this should go well…

The blue claw crab has the scientific name Callinectes (Greek for beautiful swimmer) sapidus (Latin meaning tasty or savory).  Adult blue claw crabs prefer mollusks such as oysters and hard clams, but also eat dead and live fish, crabs (including other blue claw crabs), shrimp, organic debris, and aquatic plants. The crab uses the tips of its front-most walking legs to probe the bottom for buried bivalves and to manipulate them once caught. Blue claw crabs are sexually dimorphic and are primarily distinguished by looking at their abdomen. A male crab has a long, narrow, inverted “T” shaped abdomen, has blue claws and can grow to larger sizes than the female. Females are recognized by the inverted “V” shaped apron of young crabs and an inverted “U” shaped apron of sexually mature female crabs. The females also “paint their fingernails;” i.e., have bright red claw tips.”

Models and Bottles, ESK

Getting the band back together

Fried chicken at a family reunion = the Black Family of Avalon

Charlie bit my finger...and it really hurt. Then we watched an amazing sunset

GIBB Sunday Funday but still no run support for Hamels

Ever wonder what a near-solstice sunrise looks like from Coskeys deck?


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  1. My criteria for choosing beat of the week this week is this: When the song is played, can I see a room full of people choosing to stay home from the P to continue the dance party for another 2 hours, despite the certainty of cheap thrills in the tavern? If yes, crank up. If no, fail. With that said, enjoy wholesome fist pumping to Swedish House Mafia – Save the World Remix


  2. Nice beat, Bren!

    Glad to hear the Polsenberg dock/traps/view were in use even in my absence — always open, always welcomed.

    I will be back in AValon form for July 4th — can’t wait to see the gang down there.

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