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WOW, what a Fourth, I tip my Uncle Sam top hat to all those who made it as eventful as it was (in order): Bike, oatmeal, beach, Morans, Polsenbergs sunset, Dun dinner, Sunset pier, AYC races, beach, beach bar, Windrift, Dutch, 41st street, Real Enchilada, Rocking Chair, ocean dip, Dun pool, Leonard family dinner, Avalon FIREWORKS, Leonard drinks,  Dun drinks, Palmer drinks, Princeton, crazy T-storms, beach, 29th street Deli, Phils on tv, Stone Harbor FIREWORKS, Start new job…whew! What will we do this weekend???

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 5:40 Scattered T-storms 60% 81 6 2:50pm 8:28am Southeast 7mph 1.0 foot semi-clean 8:27
Saturday 5:41 AM T-storms 30% 86 10 3:54pm 9:26am North 9mph 1.5 foot   clean 8:27
Sunday 5:42 Sunny 86 10 4:57pm 10:26am Southeast 7mph 0.5 foot   choppy 8:27
Monday 5:42 Partly cloudy 85 10 5:56pm 11:26am SSW 10mph 1.0 foot choppy 8:26

Moon will be a waxing gibbous, between 45% and 68% full.

The family Kullak making an annual appearance, call the babysitter and lets party like its 2005!

Downtown Steve Brown and the whole Brown band is also down, what up Scotty?!

Harris Peace has a birthday Sunday, what do you get a man that already has everything?

*Tentative ESK Cape May Outing for Saturday July 16th (or 23rd?): Proper dress required, we will visit the Cape May Winery ($6 sample 6 wines, keep your engraved wine glass), hit a dinner spot yet to be determined, and end with a drink in the Congress Hall Boiler Room. If we get back in time maybe Circle tav dance party, who’s in? Come one, come all, volunteer DD’s included: I volunteer myself first.

What did I miss??

Phils enter a big weekend against a hot Atlanta team Fri at 7:05, Sat at 4:10, Sun at 1:35.

Models and Bottles, ESK

Possibly the best beach day of the year

Sunset Victory!!!

There she goes...

...and she's back!

Nate, stop reading this blog and get back to work!

Anne wants nothing to do with the fiance moments after meeting the ageless Darren Daulton

Todd and ESK rock the night away Milli Vanilli style for the crowd at the Rockin' Chair



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4 responses to “Weekend of July 9th

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  1. LAst picture is clearly my favorite! I had NO idea todd was in town! shit!

  2. Damn. Can’t a guy blow off studying to read the Weekend Weather update without getting called out?

  3. Did anyone else immediately think of the Catalina Wine Mixer scene from Step Brothers when they saw the last photo of Todd and Tommy “singing”?

    ‘Twas a great 4th!!

    Joyce Von Polsenberg
  4. yesterday i saw Ali and Tom doubles on the beach down here, walking together too! Miss you, i think i need to come to AV…..

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