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Boy are we in for a treat this weekend, not only do we have the First (looking to be held Annually) ESK Cape May field trip, but we have full moons and blazing sun to kiss us all weekend long…and maybe some waves Saturday morning??

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 5:45 Mostly sunny 84 10 8:58am 3:00pm SSW 10mph 2.5 foot semi-clean 8:24
Saturday 5:46 Sunny 85 10 9:53am 3:47pm SSW   9mph 2.5 foot   clean 8:24
Sunday 5:47 Sunny 84 10 10:26am 4:31pm SSW 10mph 1.5 foot   semi-choppy 8:23
Monday 5:47 Mostly sunny 87 10 11:07am 5:15pm SW   11mph 1.0 foot semi-choppy 8:23

Full moon rise Friday at 8:36 and Saturday at 9:09!!!

Tentative beach/full-moon-worship party on 39th street beach Friday at 8:00 (maybe rolled into the first clubhouse party of the year?!?)

Saturday 7am dualathlon: 40 mile road bike ride followed by an hour of longboarding.

Saturday 4pm Cape May Field Trip: Winery, Rusty Nail, Ugly Mug, Boiler Room. All are welcome! IN so far: Tom, Sage, Ted, Joyce, Johnny, Maranda, Packy, MAYBE: Kristen, Mike, Hayden, Ang Bow, Chunk, CONNECTING WITH: Janice Dunhours 19th birthday celebration.

Haydo, any headway on the limo?

Womens World Cup Final: USA -vs- Japan, 2:45pm Sunday

Are Mike and Erin back from the honeymoon?

Good luck Keith and Liza in the Stone Harbor Triathlon on Sunday!

Phils get back at it: @ Mets, Fri at 7:10, Sat at 4:10, Sun at 1:10

High tides and full moons, ESK

Teddy whatcha cooking?

"I gots me right hurre some Scrimps!"

No Libs at the Motorboat Club: Fuzzy pictures to go with fuzzy memories

Sunday was a Funday



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