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For those of us that were there, something magical took place Saturday night (must have been the full moon). For all others, all I can say is enjoy the pictures and make sure not to miss it next year: The F#$king Cape May Wine Mixer was “the funnest night ever!”

Completely opposite of TFCMWM on Saturday night was the Full  Moon worship party on the beach Friday night. The 7mi: as crazy or relaxing as you want to make it, family and friends through it all.

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 5:51 Mostly sunny 98 10 2:01pm 7:42am Southwest 11mph 1.5 foot semi-chop 8:20
Saturday 5:51 Scattered T-storms 30% 94 9 2:52pm 8:25am West  7mph 0.5 foot   clean 8:19
Sunday 5:52 Isolated T-storms 30% 87 9 3:48pm 9:13am ENE 7mph 0.5 foot   semi-choppy 8:18
Monday 5:53 Isolated T-storms 30% 83 9 4:43pm 10:06am East 10mph 3.0 foot choppy 8:17

Waning gibbous moon rising around midnight

14 hours and 27 minutes from sun up to sun down on Saturday, how will you spend it?

7:00am Saturday bike ride off island, who’s in? Beach all day, maybe some clubhouse shade and cold drinks to beat the heat and pre-game for…

Party at Palmers on Saturday night, Mike is in town isn’t that always a party? John please provide some details..

Cant get it out of my head, direct from the “Prom 2011” CD found in the limo, AND 1st canidate for Song of the Summer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EGSlwGiXTs. Brendan, please teach me about music…

Phils are home -vs- Padres, Fri at 7:10, Sat at 4:10, Sun at 1:35

Waves and babes, ESK

Friday sun dip in Corson's Inlet, from the road

Full moon rise with Neptune in tow, bottom right on the horizon.

Full moon party before the Avellinos lit it up with fireworks

The Worship

The Tasting

The Frolic

The Folly

The Decadence: being fed grapes in a limo full of beauties

More pics of TFCMWM right HERE


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3 responses to “Weekend of July 23rd

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  1. Read/watched from my bunkbed! And…cool enough here that even the Lifegaurds are wearing their jackets to stay warm. True story.

  2. Tommy, the beach gods have taken pity on me this weekend and have enabled me to get to AV for the first time in 6 weeks and only the second time this summer – JUICED. Should be down Sat night for HH if not sooner.

    Thanks to a full week in Turntable FMs Mashup Room, I found this dandy that incorporates your aforementioned contender for SOS – enjoy


    Extra points for seasonally relevant Song Title

  3. Come one come all to be over-served at the 22nd St .Beachblock Saturday night. Maranda will be making her soon to be famous ‘Maranjito’s’ until the bottle runs dry. Grab a seat for a game of Mexican Train (still sounds wrong…).

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