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Blazing heat, sleep like a baby, 30 mile ride, 3 mile run, Tour de France final stage, pool Funhour, Helwig dock and float, nap, Palmer party, after pool-party, softball, boat ride, ocean swim, lightning show, storm watch upstairs at the Drift, Twisties, weekend cap at Polsenbergs. What will we do this weekend??

Ocean continues to be flat, high tide mornings and bocce afternoons:

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 5:57 AM showers 92 9 7:42am 1:35pm South 12mph 1.5 foot semi-chop 8:14
Saturday 5:57 Partly cloudy 90 9 8:28am 2:25pm Northwest 10mph 0.5 foot   clean 8:13
Sunday 5:58 Sunny 90 9 9:13am 3:14pm ESE 6mph 0.5 foot   semi-choppy 8:12
Monday 5:59 Partly cloudy 90 10 9:59am 4:04pm SSW 7mph 1.0 foot clean 8:11

No moon this weekend as is will mimic the Sun’s arc across the sky making it barely visible Saturday, invisible Sunday.

AVALON CUP is scheduled to take place this Saturday, Leonard men all sailing Uncle John’s boat.

Tom Leonard family moves to 63rd for the remainder of the summer.

Hurricane Dave in town with Tropical Breeze Anne for Mikes bar exam party.

Congratulations to Nate for  completion of a whirlwind tour of NY and NJ taking two bar exams, Maine here we come!

Cousin Jay, Tyra, Xtina, and Tyler are all in town starting Saturday night, welcome back big guy.

Gordon and Eileen getting married today! Here’s to the happy couple…

Brendan and Carly should be in town, making up for his ghost performance from last weekend, and getting the weekend started right with tunes like:




Joyce have fun in Dewey. No really, Secrets sounds like a blast for Saturday night.

PHILS home against the Pirates 7:05 Fri and Sat, 1:35 Sun.

What did I miss?

Models and Bottles, ESK


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