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Welcome to Augusto…Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus is considered the first emperor of the Roman Empire, which he ruled alone from 27 BC until his death in AD 14...if you don’t get it done this month, it may have to wait til next year. Lock it up!!  Lets all make GJCA proud this month and pack in everything we said we were going to do this summer. What needs to go on the list??

For those on the 7mi:

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 6:03 Partly cloudy 83 9 1:27pm 7:08am ESE 13mph 3.0 foot choppy 8:07
Saturday 6:04 Isolated T-storms 30% 83 7 2:30pm 8:05am SE 16mph 1.5 foot   choppy 8:06
Sunday 6:05 Isolated T-storms 30% 88 9 3:37pm 9:06am WSW 10mph 1.0 foot   semi-choppy 8:04
Monday 6:06 Isolated T-storms 30% 89 9 4:43pm 10:11am WNW 9mph 1.0 foot clean 8:03

For those of us on Great Pond in Maine:

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 5:31 Partly cloudy 79 8 —- —- East 5mph —- 8:00
Saturday 5:32 Partly cloudy 82 7 —- —- South 8mph —- 7:59
Sunday 5:33 Scattered T-storms 40% 75 7 —- —- South 8mph —- 7:57
Monday 5:34 Isolated T-storms 30% 76 7 —- —- ESE 6mph —- 7:56

First quarter moon (50% and growing) on Saturday August 6th. (Full moon alert for the following Saturday!).

August 6, 1945, Hiroshima is bombed, for the first time in history a nuclear weapon was used against people. The nuclear weapon used on Hiroshima is known as Little Boy.

August 6, 1982, Connie and Dave Helwig drop a Little Boy bomb of their own; Happy Birthday Keith!

Rome Yacht Club 35th Annual Regatta this Saturday, this saltwater kid is gonna make waves in the freshwater of Great Pond. Team 420: Sarah, Seeth, Pete, ESK.

The Leonard gentleman and Bud Thalman took 5th in the 2011 Avalon Cup last weekend. Congrats to Capt. John Leonard and crew, you can be my skipper anytime.

Seven Mile Times softball team shocked the World last weekend! Getting HOT just in time for the playoffs. HR club forever!

PHILS have a big 4-game match-up @ San Fran: 10:15 Thurs and Fri, 4:10 on Sat (on FOX), 4:05 Sun.

What did I miss?

Summer state of Maine, ESK

G & E's wedding with the goddesses

Me posing as a Rybas with Ca standing in for Lizzy

Maverick and Goose

Aquarius at her finest, weather couldn't have been better.

First mate, won't take his eyes off the luff

Yes I am a pirate, a few hundred years too late...

Post game celebration: A lil preview of an Oct. Wedding

The Homerun club, rolling VIP at the Concord

Penni, slow your roll...On the way to Sunday dinner at Carmens

Better than waiting in line: Pino and peanuts.

What a way to end the weekend, 13/4 pound lobster and a half-rack of ribs

Apparently there was a pretty nasty storm on Monday night, as seen from Sunset Pier


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  1. A 13/4 pound lobster??? ESK, it’s summer, keep this high-level math out of the blogosphere.

    Kevimproper Fractions
  2. Maine or bust with my boys. sweats are packed!

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