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Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy…What do we have here? Our first hurricane of the year (not named Dave) is running up the East coast. Irene should produce some surf and golden shower the area with buckets of liquid sunshine. Reports from my feet on the street reporter (and one and only blood brother) are saying Avalon currently has voluntary evacuations with plans to go mandatory late today or early tomorrow. Hide ya kids, hide ya wife…

For those who dare make it to the 7mi:

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 6:22 Partly cloudy 84 8 6:25am 12:21pm Northeast 8mph 3.5 foot semi-clean 7:39
Saturday 6:23 Heavy rain & wind 80% 78 5 7:14am 1:15pm ENE 30mph 6.0 foot   choppy 7:38
Sunday 6:24 Heavy rain & wind 80% 77 5 8:01am 2:06pm WNW 40mph 8.0 foot scary-clean 7:36
Monday 6:25 Sunny 80 8 8:48am 2:58pm WSW 10mph 2.5 foot clean 7:35

My endless summer brethren, please excuse the hiatus and allow me to fill you in on the happenings from two weekends past: 9 glorious days spent in Maine sailing in the annual Rome Yacht Club Regatta, biking around the lake, wakeboarding, lobster feasts, Badass Lowell Triathlon, and countless other Mainegasams throughout the week (GoPro vid to follow)!

Last weekend featured the Annual Brendan Borek festivities AND the best people watching of the year, Tour de Shore. Thanks to Palmer family for hosting a party for the ages and all the friends who were on hand to make it the third best weekend of the summer! (behind 4th of July and Cape May Wine Mixer).

If the shore is closed does it still count as a summer weekend?!

PHILS home -vs- Marlins 7:05 Fri and Sat, 1:35 Sun…can you say rain delay??

What did I miss?

Gucci Mane and a Summer ‘Cane, ESK

Come on Irene, oh I swear what he means...

Lobsterfest on the coast of Maine

Sunrise on Great Pond

No shower barmaid at Palmers post-Borek party

Who gets Iced anymore these days? The B-day girl, thats who...

Tour de Shore at the beach bar, best people watching of the summer

SEAL Team inter-squad fire fight right at our feet

Look closely, you can see a 6-foot blonde in the dune grass...whhhasted

Lynda in one more pic from the infamous open mic night at The Chair



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3 responses to “Weekend of August 27th

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  1. Great pictures. You’re right…best people watching. Off to Boston for a wedding on the coast. Should be…entertaining.

  2. Lueckel’s will be in Avalon!!!! Tommy; Steph will be in town with her Tom in tow. Can’t wait to see everyone…stupid Irene ruining my first two days of vacation 😦 Who will be down?

  3. Haha, one of the SEAL Team members is definitely a teacher that I work with. Great photojournalism, Tom.

    Kevin Strogembarrassed-by-his-coworkers

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