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Another year down as the sun sets on 2011 and rises on the mystery of what 2012 holds. All of us can cross 2011 off the calendar and look back with a sense of accomplishment and maybe a tweak of regret. What could I have done better? Keeping in mind what we learned in the ’11, we stand to have the best year yet in 2012.  I, for one, cannot recall a greater sense of anticipation than for what I feel the one-deuce holds. Professionally, personally, and summer seasonally we all stand to gain a lot this year and more importantly spend the time together making memories unfading. No time for cameras, we’ll use our eyes instead.

The temperature may continue to drop, but the Winter Solstice has passed and the amount of sunshine increases daily. Were half-way out of the woods, this weekend we get sun and very mild temps:

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 7:18 Partly cloudy 55 2 12:03pm 6:04am SSW 12mph 0.5 foot choppy 4:45
Saturday 7:18 Mostly Sunny 53 2 12:53pm 7:00am West 16mph 0.5 foot 4:46
Sunday 7:18 Mostly Sunny 55 2 1:48pm 8:01am SSW 13mph 0.5 foot choppy 4:47
Monday 7:18 Sunny/windy 43 2 2:45pm 9:01am West 22mph 0.5 foot clean 4:48

For most of us this will be another summer weekend albeit more clothing and worse hangovers (why you do that winter?!). Summer to me has never been about the temperature outside or the date on the calendar.  It has always and will always be the people I am with when my favorite times in life are happening. Where ever these people go, summertime is happening, it’s in NYC, it’s in DC, it’s in California, it’s in Boston, it’s in Philly, it’s watching from above with family members not here (love you Nana & Grandpa, Grandad, Uncle Phil). Wherever these friends are it is summer to me: a barge on the Hudson, a houseboat in Baltimore, lakefront in Maine, a bonfire in Philly. It is friends like you that make summer endless for me.

Welcome to the mix James, Steve & Marissa, making it their first Avalon NYE event.

Menu is still open but narrowed to tacos, lasagna, or simply pizza. Any preferences?

Comment on what alcohol or food you plan to bring. I’ll have some bubbly and mixins for white Irishmen.

I’m going to need someone to provide a soundtrack to the evening…

P shuttle is running, plan on making it to the bar for the ball drop!

Eagles -vs- Redskins in a meaningless game 1:00pm Sunday January 1st, 2012

Flyers -vs- Rangers in the NHL Winter Classic 1:00pm Monday January 2nd, 2012

Gettin loose in the One-Deuce, ESK

Champagne wishes and cheesesteak dreams

Thanksgiving beach party

Christmas past

Just saying...



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  1. Love it! Wish we could join the fun, but the kiddies don’t know how to sleep in yet- so we will most likely be getting the new year at 5:30am instead of midnight! Cheers and happy new year!

  2. Love it – awesome recap (and a touch of sentimentality, Tom!)!
    I am stoked to be able to join the gang to ring in another year on the 7MI.

    A vote for lasagna — and I will bring some vodka or bubbly! Heck, maybe both.
    Oh, and I will bring Ryan as well.

  3. Aw, Cousin Tommy! This blog brought a teeny tiny tear to my eye, so sweet. I’ll bring a few bottles of bub (thanks Gay!) as well as my bose ipod dock and ipod so we will totes be bumpin. See yall soon!

  4. nice job!! new year’s resolution number one – read your old blog posts 🙂 have an amazing time this weekend! see you next year!

  5. Can’t wait Tomasa!! I think I will bring some turkey chili if you like? The entire Dunhour crew, including El Jefe, will be there. We are heading down tomorrow night. See you all soon!! Weeeeee

  6. Awesome mid-winter social forecast, ESK. Doesn’t look like I’ll be making the trip to Avalon for NYE this year, but I’m already gearing up for President’s Day weekend. Happy Nude Year!

    Farewell 2011 - The Year of Kevin
  7. Make good choices! Or at least ok ones.

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