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Memorial Day Weekend 2012   5 comments

IT IS UPON US…and Mama Nature looks to be coming through this Memorial Day Weekend:

  Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 5:38 Partly cloudy 77 8 11:52am 5:44pm South East 15mph 2.0 foot choppy 8:14
Saturday 5:37 Partly cloudy 79 8 12:37pm 6:32pm ESE 15mph 1.5 foot   choppy 8:15
Sunday 5:37 Partly cloudy 76 8 1:28pm 7:29pm South   9mph 0.5 foot choppy 8:16
Monday 5:36 Partly cloudy 82 9 2:25pm 8:32pm Southwest 10mph 0.5 foot choppy 8:16

We have a lot to cover this season, pace yourselves, use the buddy system and lots of sunscreen.

 Click—–>Since you’ve been gone…

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13th annual Xtreme Bike to the Shore – Avalon Legends is bigger than ever: Uncle Pedro, Sage, Nate, Dan, Lise, Tim, Jeff? and more…see you Saturday morning at the Art Museum for 78 miles, 4 Wawas and a Woodbine custard stand. All others, see you at the postgame…


+ Where: Women’s Civic Club of Stone Harbor, located at 96th St & the beach in Stone Harbor, NJ

+ When: Saturday, May 26, 2011, 3:00pm to 7:00pm
+ Who: Open to all; including riders, donors, their families and all other friends of the XBA
+ What: will be provided: unlimited Yuengling (outdoor beer garden), unlimited Spank’s BBQ. 
+ To benefit Cristo Rey School

SIXERS -vs- Celts: Game 7 Sat night @ 8pm

Phils: 8:15 Fri, 7:15 Sat, 2:15 Sun, 1:10 Mon

Seven Mile Times softball: Sun at noon, 80th street fields…for all our fans out there.

Boat is in!

Memorial Day Monday: Flags half staff until noon giving remembrance to troops present and past. One Love for this Great Nation!

Ed note: New camera this summer, prepare to be shot

Models and Bottles, ESK


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Holiday 2011   8 comments

Another year down as the sun sets on 2011 and rises on the mystery of what 2012 holds. All of us can cross 2011 off the calendar and look back with a sense of accomplishment and maybe a tweak of regret. What could I have done better? Keeping in mind what we learned in the ’11, we stand to have the best year yet in 2012.  I, for one, cannot recall a greater sense of anticipation than for what I feel the one-deuce holds. Professionally, personally, and summer seasonally we all stand to gain a lot this year and more importantly spend the time together making memories unfading. No time for cameras, we’ll use our eyes instead.

The temperature may continue to drop, but the Winter Solstice has passed and the amount of sunshine increases daily. Were half-way out of the woods, this weekend we get sun and very mild temps:

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 7:18 Partly cloudy 55 2 12:03pm 6:04am SSW 12mph 0.5 foot choppy 4:45
Saturday 7:18 Mostly Sunny 53 2 12:53pm 7:00am West 16mph 0.5 foot 4:46
Sunday 7:18 Mostly Sunny 55 2 1:48pm 8:01am SSW 13mph 0.5 foot choppy 4:47
Monday 7:18 Sunny/windy 43 2 2:45pm 9:01am West 22mph 0.5 foot clean 4:48

For most of us this will be another summer weekend albeit more clothing and worse hangovers (why you do that winter?!). Summer to me has never been about the temperature outside or the date on the calendar.  It has always and will always be the people I am with when my favorite times in life are happening. Where ever these people go, summertime is happening, it’s in NYC, it’s in DC, it’s in California, it’s in Boston, it’s in Philly, it’s watching from above with family members not here (love you Nana & Grandpa, Grandad, Uncle Phil). Wherever these friends are it is summer to me: a barge on the Hudson, a houseboat in Baltimore, lakefront in Maine, a bonfire in Philly. It is friends like you that make summer endless for me.

Welcome to the mix James, Steve & Marissa, making it their first Avalon NYE event.

Menu is still open but narrowed to tacos, lasagna, or simply pizza. Any preferences?

Comment on what alcohol or food you plan to bring. I’ll have some bubbly and mixins for white Irishmen.

I’m going to need someone to provide a soundtrack to the evening…

P shuttle is running, plan on making it to the bar for the ball drop!

Eagles -vs- Redskins in a meaningless game 1:00pm Sunday January 1st, 2012

Flyers -vs- Rangers in the NHL Winter Classic 1:00pm Monday January 2nd, 2012

Gettin loose in the One-Deuce, ESK

Champagne wishes and cheesesteak dreams

Thanksgiving beach party

Christmas past

Just saying...


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Weekend of August 27th   3 comments

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy…What do we have here? Our first hurricane of the year (not named Dave) is running up the East coast. Irene should produce some surf and golden shower the area with buckets of liquid sunshine. Reports from my feet on the street reporter (and one and only blood brother) are saying Avalon currently has voluntary evacuations with plans to go mandatory late today or early tomorrow. Hide ya kids, hide ya wife…

For those who dare make it to the 7mi:

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 6:22 Partly cloudy 84 8 6:25am 12:21pm Northeast 8mph 3.5 foot semi-clean 7:39
Saturday 6:23 Heavy rain & wind 80% 78 5 7:14am 1:15pm ENE 30mph 6.0 foot   choppy 7:38
Sunday 6:24 Heavy rain & wind 80% 77 5 8:01am 2:06pm WNW 40mph 8.0 foot scary-clean 7:36
Monday 6:25 Sunny 80 8 8:48am 2:58pm WSW 10mph 2.5 foot clean 7:35

My endless summer brethren, please excuse the hiatus and allow me to fill you in on the happenings from two weekends past: 9 glorious days spent in Maine sailing in the annual Rome Yacht Club Regatta, biking around the lake, wakeboarding, lobster feasts, Badass Lowell Triathlon, and countless other Mainegasams throughout the week (GoPro vid to follow)!

Last weekend featured the Annual Brendan Borek festivities AND the best people watching of the year, Tour de Shore. Thanks to Palmer family for hosting a party for the ages and all the friends who were on hand to make it the third best weekend of the summer! (behind 4th of July and Cape May Wine Mixer).

If the shore is closed does it still count as a summer weekend?!

PHILS home -vs- Marlins 7:05 Fri and Sat, 1:35 Sun…can you say rain delay??

What did I miss?

Gucci Mane and a Summer ‘Cane, ESK

Come on Irene, oh I swear what he means...

Lobsterfest on the coast of Maine

Sunrise on Great Pond

No shower barmaid at Palmers post-Borek party

Who gets Iced anymore these days? The B-day girl, thats who...

Tour de Shore at the beach bar, best people watching of the summer

SEAL Team inter-squad fire fight right at our feet

Look closely, you can see a 6-foot blonde in the dune grass...whhhasted

Lynda in one more pic from the infamous open mic night at The Chair


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Weekend of August 6th   2 comments

Welcome to Augusto…Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus is considered the first emperor of the Roman Empire, which he ruled alone from 27 BC until his death in AD 14...if you don’t get it done this month, it may have to wait til next year. Lock it up!!  Lets all make GJCA proud this month and pack in everything we said we were going to do this summer. What needs to go on the list??

For those on the 7mi:

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 6:03 Partly cloudy 83 9 1:27pm 7:08am ESE 13mph 3.0 foot choppy 8:07
Saturday 6:04 Isolated T-storms 30% 83 7 2:30pm 8:05am SE 16mph 1.5 foot   choppy 8:06
Sunday 6:05 Isolated T-storms 30% 88 9 3:37pm 9:06am WSW 10mph 1.0 foot   semi-choppy 8:04
Monday 6:06 Isolated T-storms 30% 89 9 4:43pm 10:11am WNW 9mph 1.0 foot clean 8:03

For those of us on Great Pond in Maine:

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 5:31 Partly cloudy 79 8 —- —- East 5mph —- 8:00
Saturday 5:32 Partly cloudy 82 7 —- —- South 8mph —- 7:59
Sunday 5:33 Scattered T-storms 40% 75 7 —- —- South 8mph —- 7:57
Monday 5:34 Isolated T-storms 30% 76 7 —- —- ESE 6mph —- 7:56

First quarter moon (50% and growing) on Saturday August 6th. (Full moon alert for the following Saturday!).

August 6, 1945, Hiroshima is bombed, for the first time in history a nuclear weapon was used against people. The nuclear weapon used on Hiroshima is known as Little Boy.

August 6, 1982, Connie and Dave Helwig drop a Little Boy bomb of their own; Happy Birthday Keith!

Rome Yacht Club 35th Annual Regatta this Saturday, this saltwater kid is gonna make waves in the freshwater of Great Pond. Team 420: Sarah, Seeth, Pete, ESK.

The Leonard gentleman and Bud Thalman took 5th in the 2011 Avalon Cup last weekend. Congrats to Capt. John Leonard and crew, you can be my skipper anytime.

Seven Mile Times softball team shocked the World last weekend! Getting HOT just in time for the playoffs. HR club forever!

PHILS have a big 4-game match-up @ San Fran: 10:15 Thurs and Fri, 4:10 on Sat (on FOX), 4:05 Sun.

What did I miss?

Summer state of Maine, ESK

G & E's wedding with the goddesses

Me posing as a Rybas with Ca standing in for Lizzy

Maverick and Goose

Aquarius at her finest, weather couldn't have been better.

First mate, won't take his eyes off the luff

Yes I am a pirate, a few hundred years too late...

Post game celebration: A lil preview of an Oct. Wedding

The Homerun club, rolling VIP at the Concord

Penni, slow your roll...On the way to Sunday dinner at Carmens

Better than waiting in line: Pino and peanuts.

What a way to end the weekend, 13/4 pound lobster and a half-rack of ribs

Apparently there was a pretty nasty storm on Monday night, as seen from Sunset Pier

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Weekend of July 30th   Leave a comment

Blazing heat, sleep like a baby, 30 mile ride, 3 mile run, Tour de France final stage, pool Funhour, Helwig dock and float, nap, Palmer party, after pool-party, softball, boat ride, ocean swim, lightning show, storm watch upstairs at the Drift, Twisties, weekend cap at Polsenbergs. What will we do this weekend??

Ocean continues to be flat, high tide mornings and bocce afternoons:

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 5:57 AM showers 92 9 7:42am 1:35pm South 12mph 1.5 foot semi-chop 8:14
Saturday 5:57 Partly cloudy 90 9 8:28am 2:25pm Northwest 10mph 0.5 foot   clean 8:13
Sunday 5:58 Sunny 90 9 9:13am 3:14pm ESE 6mph 0.5 foot   semi-choppy 8:12
Monday 5:59 Partly cloudy 90 10 9:59am 4:04pm SSW 7mph 1.0 foot clean 8:11

No moon this weekend as is will mimic the Sun’s arc across the sky making it barely visible Saturday, invisible Sunday.

AVALON CUP is scheduled to take place this Saturday, Leonard men all sailing Uncle John’s boat.

Tom Leonard family moves to 63rd for the remainder of the summer.

Hurricane Dave in town with Tropical Breeze Anne for Mikes bar exam party.

Congratulations to Nate for  completion of a whirlwind tour of NY and NJ taking two bar exams, Maine here we come!

Cousin Jay, Tyra, Xtina, and Tyler are all in town starting Saturday night, welcome back big guy.

Gordon and Eileen getting married today! Here’s to the happy couple…

Brendan and Carly should be in town, making up for his ghost performance from last weekend, and getting the weekend started right with tunes like:

Joyce have fun in Dewey. No really, Secrets sounds like a blast for Saturday night.

PHILS home against the Pirates 7:05 Fri and Sat, 1:35 Sun.

What did I miss?

Models and Bottles, ESK

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Weekend of July 23rd   3 comments

For those of us that were there, something magical took place Saturday night (must have been the full moon). For all others, all I can say is enjoy the pictures and make sure not to miss it next year: The F#$king Cape May Wine Mixer was “the funnest night ever!”

Completely opposite of TFCMWM on Saturday night was the Full  Moon worship party on the beach Friday night. The 7mi: as crazy or relaxing as you want to make it, family and friends through it all.

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 5:51 Mostly sunny 98 10 2:01pm 7:42am Southwest 11mph 1.5 foot semi-chop 8:20
Saturday 5:51 Scattered T-storms 30% 94 9 2:52pm 8:25am West  7mph 0.5 foot   clean 8:19
Sunday 5:52 Isolated T-storms 30% 87 9 3:48pm 9:13am ENE 7mph 0.5 foot   semi-choppy 8:18
Monday 5:53 Isolated T-storms 30% 83 9 4:43pm 10:06am East 10mph 3.0 foot choppy 8:17

Waning gibbous moon rising around midnight

14 hours and 27 minutes from sun up to sun down on Saturday, how will you spend it?

7:00am Saturday bike ride off island, who’s in? Beach all day, maybe some clubhouse shade and cold drinks to beat the heat and pre-game for…

Party at Palmers on Saturday night, Mike is in town isn’t that always a party? John please provide some details..

Cant get it out of my head, direct from the “Prom 2011” CD found in the limo, AND 1st canidate for Song of the Summer: Brendan, please teach me about music…

Phils are home -vs- Padres, Fri at 7:10, Sat at 4:10, Sun at 1:35

Waves and babes, ESK

Friday sun dip in Corson's Inlet, from the road

Full moon rise with Neptune in tow, bottom right on the horizon.

Full moon party before the Avellinos lit it up with fireworks

The Worship

The Tasting

The Frolic

The Folly

The Decadence: being fed grapes in a limo full of beauties

More pics of TFCMWM right HERE

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Weekend of July 16th   Leave a comment

Boy are we in for a treat this weekend, not only do we have the First (looking to be held Annually) ESK Cape May field trip, but we have full moons and blazing sun to kiss us all weekend long…and maybe some waves Saturday morning??

Sunrise Forecast High UV Index Hightide Lowtide Wind Waves Sunset
Friday 5:45 Mostly sunny 84 10 8:58am 3:00pm SSW 10mph 2.5 foot semi-clean 8:24
Saturday 5:46 Sunny 85 10 9:53am 3:47pm SSW   9mph 2.5 foot   clean 8:24
Sunday 5:47 Sunny 84 10 10:26am 4:31pm SSW 10mph 1.5 foot   semi-choppy 8:23
Monday 5:47 Mostly sunny 87 10 11:07am 5:15pm SW   11mph 1.0 foot semi-choppy 8:23

Full moon rise Friday at 8:36 and Saturday at 9:09!!!

Tentative beach/full-moon-worship party on 39th street beach Friday at 8:00 (maybe rolled into the first clubhouse party of the year?!?)

Saturday 7am dualathlon: 40 mile road bike ride followed by an hour of longboarding.

Saturday 4pm Cape May Field Trip: Winery, Rusty Nail, Ugly Mug, Boiler Room. All are welcome! IN so far: Tom, Sage, Ted, Joyce, Johnny, Maranda, Packy, MAYBE: Kristen, Mike, Hayden, Ang Bow, Chunk, CONNECTING WITH: Janice Dunhours 19th birthday celebration.

Haydo, any headway on the limo?

Womens World Cup Final: USA -vs- Japan, 2:45pm Sunday

Are Mike and Erin back from the honeymoon?

Good luck Keith and Liza in the Stone Harbor Triathlon on Sunday!

Phils get back at it: @ Mets, Fri at 7:10, Sat at 4:10, Sun at 1:10

High tides and full moons, ESK

Teddy whatcha cooking?

"I gots me right hurre some Scrimps!"

No Libs at the Motorboat Club: Fuzzy pictures to go with fuzzy memories

Sunday was a Funday


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